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The Fairest Sale: Three Custom Color Specialists

eye-shadowI don’t think I make my love for Trae Bodge, Scott Catto and Chad Hayduk of Three Custom Color Specialists a secret. I’ve known them for a few years now and it has been amazing to watch their brand grow and evolve. In fact, I saw Scott and Chad this past weekend in NY as I had a party to celebrate 4 years of beauty blogging. They are amazing talented and I love how this boutique brand really has such amazing colors and collections.

Here is my list of products that I personally own that you should not be without(more…)

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Beauty Expert Q & A: Celebrity Esthetician Renée Rouleau

Renee_RouleauRenée Rouleau is a skin care expert & celebrity esthetician who has been helping men & women of all ages attain glowing, beautiful skin for more than 20 years. In fact, celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Lisa Rinna and Melissa Rycroft have all been clients of Renée’s. Known for her 9 Skin Types (I’m a skin type 3) and skin care tip of the day, Renée has become a trusted resource.

Shannon: Most women are familiar with 3 skin types–normal, dry, combination–but you educate people via Twitter, your blog, your website and your spas that there are in fact 9. How did you discover the other 6 and how do they differ from the “baseline” 3?  (more…)

October 27, 2009 at 5:00 am 2 comments

Beauty Expert Q & A: Nonie Creme of butter LONDON

Nonie CremeNonie Creme is a name you may already be familiar with. If not, mark my words, she’ll soon be a household name to beauty and fashion addicts everywhere.  The company she co-founded, butter LONDON, has quickly captured the attention of celebrities, fashion designers and magazine editors for her innovative and fun nail lacquers.  (Not to mention that their Melt Away is awesome!)

Shannon: Describe your first encounter with nail lacquer; how old were you, the color you chose, etc.?  (more…)

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Beauty Expert Q & A: Celebrity Hairstylist Nick Arrojo

Nick ARROJOI think we can all clearly say that celebrity hairstylist, Nick Arrojo, had us at hello back when he was on TLC’s What Not to Wear. I was always mesmerized by the way Nick could turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. Then one day this past March, me and my 22 inches of hair decided to visit him in his New York City salon. It was quite an experience of a lifetime. Nick has a lot going on these days; a book, a product line, his salon, his academy and his new co-branded effort with Giella for custom-made cosmetics.

Shannon: Your passion for the hair industry is so apparent in all that you do from your newsletter to your salon to your academy; what drives you to educate and create innovation among salon professionals?


October 13, 2009 at 5:00 am 1 comment

Beauty Q & A: The Office’s Angela Kinsey

angela_kinseyFor those of you who may not know, I live just outside of Scranton, PA. Or otherwise known to all of you as the location for The Office.  So  I was thrilled beyond words when I found out that Angela Kinsey, who plays Angela Martin on The Office, was now stepping foot into the niche of beauty as Nice ‘n Easy‘s “Gigi.” Gigi is that girl who holds your hand every step of the way through the process of coloring your own hair. And I think we’ve all been there at one time or another where the dye we chose was the wrong color or we over processed it and actually lost hair…or at least I have.

Shannon: Everyone knows you as the uptight and orderly Angela Martin on “The Office”, how does it feel to now be cast as “Gigi“, Nice ‘n Easy’s new go-to-girlfriend for hair color? Do you feel those that love Angela will equally love Gigi as these “roles” seem to be so opposite?


October 6, 2009 at 5:00 am 1 comment

Beauty Expert Q & A: Celebrity Makeup Artist Billy B

BillyBFor the record, I would like you to know that if there were a Billy B fan club, I would surely be President. Billy has an incredible gift that is rarely seen. He is marvelous at his craft and has inspired makeup artists far and wide. He has painted some of the most famous faces in Hollywood and the music industry, but most importantly, Billy inspires everyday people like myself to be passionate about what they do and to never forget where they came from.

Shannon: You have worked with many celebrities throughout your career, can you name one that you have not worked with yet that you would love the opportunity to?


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Beauty Expert Q & A: Celebrity Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Johnny Lavoy

Johnny-LavoyFord Artist, Johnny Lavoy, is one of the most sought after hair stylists and makeup artists in New York. He is the Artistic Director and founder of Moda-Rey Salon & Spa, the West Hartford, Connecticut business he started 18 years ago. Over the last few seasons his work has also become a fixture during NY Fashion Week styling hair for many top name designers. His resume reads like a who’s who list of the industry such as Michael Kors, Dior, Vera Wang, Derek Lam, DVF, Oscar De La Renta and many more.

Shannon: What was it like the moment you realized you were living your dream?


September 22, 2009 at 5:00 am 3 comments

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