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Salon Insider: California Summer Waves All Year Long

Blake Lively wavy hairIn the salon, we always get asked “How do I replicate your salon tricks and style at home?”  The most popular question: “How do I get that great California wavy look throughout the year?  And so here it is!

Get a large barrel curling iron and when your hair is dry, take large sections and wrap them around the outer barrel of the iron, leaving the ends off the iron.  Why this way?  Well, many women have a ton of problems with the spring device on curling irons which can cause creases in the hair.  The hair, when heated, will mold to the shape, so you do not need to use the spring device on the curling iron.  All you need to do is wrap the hair around the heated barrel to achieve the look, alternating whether you wrap the hair toward or away from the face. 

Leaving the ends out is the key to keeping it natural like your hair, versus a really perfect curling pattern in the hair.  And it is easy since you are taking large sections, leaving each wrapped around the iron less than 30 seconds.  It takes 5 to 10 minutes max and gives you California summer beach hair all year-round!

Neil Weisberg is co-owner of Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills

November 1, 2009 at 9:37 pm 2 comments

Salon Insiders: Neil George off to C.O. Bigelow

Neil Weisberg Amanda GeorgeMy partner Amanda and I are traveling to Chicago for 2 days of personal appearances at C.O. Bigelow in Chicago, then 1 day in Columbus, Ohio.  It is exciting for Neil George to be partnering with Bigelow, which is such a great retailer and launching in 2 cities where we are not currently sold.  We’re looking forward to getting out of LA and touching people in the midwest!  It’s my 1st time ever traveling to Chicago–being from LA, I hope it is not too cold!  We’re looking forward to meeting some of our fans, the clients of C.O. Bigelow, and having some good food.

Our other big news is the recent feature of our Refresh Dry Shampoo in the latest issue of Marie Claire(more…)

October 20, 2009 at 9:59 pm 1 comment

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