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How to get Victoria Beckham’s Shag-arific Hair

victoria beckham

Victoria Beckham at London Fashion Week 2009

Few people rock the short hair like Victoria Beckham. This busy mom of three, performer, designer, and fashion icon always looks polished, confident, and oh-so-glamorous—whether she’s dressed to the nines on the red carpet or donning boyfriend jeans around town.

But when the eye of the camera is always on, how does a glam goddess like VB grow out her pixie ‘do without succumbing to that dreaded “grow out” stage that is seemingly unavoidable to the rest of the human population?

As a busy mom myself, while I (and those like me!) might toss on a hat or (gasp!) give into the lure of hair extensions, our favorite Posh Mama makes the time-consuming grow-out-stage seem easy-as-pie for the stylin’ mom-on-go.  Here, quick and simple tips to recreate it yourself:

– On  clean, damp hair, work in a volumizing foam at the roots (Tip: I’m LOVING Number 4 Jour D’Automne Styling Foam) (more…)

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