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Neil George sustainable partnership with Viceroy Hotel Group

Today I would love to talk about one of our wonderful partners,Viceroy hotels, as they open their latest amazing venture outside Aspen, Viceroy Snowmass (all the hotels are interior designed by the genius Kelly Wearstler), right in time for the holiday season.  Neil George amenities can be found in several other of their hotels, and we are really thrilled to be there!

We decided to go a different route when it came to the amenities, taking the high road and going sustainable: a concept that is becoming more and more present in daily life, and which we highly value. Instead of offering the typical small plastic (non eco-friendly) take-away amenities in each Viceroy hotel room,  we created sustainable bottles that are larger (and lovely-looking, to boot!) that can be refilled, instead of just tossed out like the waste-of-plastic-mini-bottles of yester-year.  We’re happy to be doing our small part to marry absolute luxury with the important concept of “green”.

Merry Christmas to all The Fairest’s readers!  See you in the New Year!

Celebrity colorist Amanda George is co-owner of Neil George salon in Beverly Hills

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The Indian Gooseberry oil does Cabo San Lucas

So what’s a girl to do? I have two kids and a villa full of people who seem to want me every five minutes…not enough time for doing great hair, yet at the beach club one must look decent while mingling with all the “fabulous” people!

Here was my day with my fave creation: Indian Gooseberry treatment oil.

Had roughly ten minutes to get showered and down to the car this morning, so washed hair, put oil in, blew out bangs and framed my face, then put my hair in a cute side pony and left.  Surprisingly, looked good.

Was trying to get to gym before anyone noticed (so my hair would stay decent), but everyone disappeared on me and I had no choice.  Had kiddie duty in the pool and promptly got soaked by splashing kids!   By the time I was rescued, it was too late.  I rushed off to the gym, looked in the mirror…and it wasn’t pretty.  So, I put oil in my hair, twisted it into a clip and got on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

After I finished working out, I changed back into my bikini, undid my hair, and it looked wavy and beachy–not bad–so I put more oil into the ends and voila!!!  Gisele hair!!  I re-entered the “zone” of beach beauties (a necessary place for a hairstylist and “expert”!)…what a relief.

So far my oil has rescued me twice and it’s only noon….did I mention that my hair smells divine??  (Okay, I’m obviously biased!)

I am anticipating a great vacation with my secret weapon, and am considering leaving it poolside for everyone to use!
xo, Amanda

Amanda George is co-owner of Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills

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Salon Insider: ‘Tis the Season for Party Hair!

Natalie Portman headbandThe holidays are almost upon us and it’s time to get glamorous!  Now through march, we at Neil George salon get into party/award season hair mode, and it’s a non-stop mission of pretty party hair. I have been looking around for great hair accessories, and found a few that I love.

Jennifer Behr has terrific headbands, particularly her Overlapping Crystal Twist (Natalie Portman wore it on Letterman). Juicy Couture also makes adorable headbands (check them out here on, where they have a feather headband by Oak that’s simple but chic.) And Deepa Gurrani makes beautiful beaded teardrop headbands that you can find on

Styling the hair gets a bit more involved this time of the year.  When all of us have to go straight from work to events and Christmas parties, I find dry shampoo and hairspray are must haves to keep you looking (and smelling!) fresh. (We just came out with Neil George Refresh dry shampoo, which takes but a minute to apply, and instantly freshens the roots and gives great volume.)  Finish with a pretty headband or clip to dress up from day to night and a spray of hairspray to hold everything in place.

By the way, if you can take one tool with you then it has to be the HAI straightening iron, which will add shine to locks, and can also be used as a curling iron for modern waves.  It’s another must have for the office drawer.  Use it, then just throw on that little black dress and go!

Amanda George is co-owner of Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills

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Salon Insider: Back from C.O. Bigelow!

Amanda George2Neil and I were in Chicago and Columbus last week making personal appearances for the launch of the new partnership of Neil George and C.O. Bigelow.  The stores are lovely, and everyone on the team at Bigelow is amazing.  We are so excited about the new launch and look forward to great success!

Also exciting is the upcoming launch in November of Neil George Refresh Dry Shampoo (which Neil wrote about here a couple of days ago) and Perfect Hold Hairspray to add to the assortment of our hair care collection.  I know you will all love them.  In the meantime, if you have any hair questions, post them below and we’ll answer in our next post.  Until next week!

Amanda George is a celebrity colorist and co-owner of Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills

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