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Nail It!: The Matte Debate – Polish vs Top Coat

matte-top-coat-vs-matte-nail-polishThere’s no denying that matte nails are the trend for fall.  Matte has had a growing runway presence over the past few seasons so it was only a matter of time before the look went mainstream.  Now you can’t avoid it.  With the plethora of matte finish nail polishes and top coats streaming into the market, matte nail lovers have options a plenty.

I’m all about embracing a new look but let’s face it, trends this hot tend to burn out just as fast as they came.  The detractors, and there are many, are loyal to a glossy finish.  So the question is, knowing the trend won’t last, do you spend your hard earned Benjamins on a matte nail polish or a matte top coat?  Let me share the pros and cons of each before you decide.  (more…)

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Nail It!: Why Your Polish Doesn’t Last


image credit: rainflies on flickr

If there’s one rule when it comes to a successful manicure, it’s this: there are no short cuts!  In this day and age, you’d think manicure basics would be common knowledge, yet I still hear complaints on a daily basis about how poorly a polish wears.  In fact, a recent Twitter search for the term “nail polish” showed the majority of tweets are to complain about chipping.

Inquiries about the type of base and top coats used were met with responses saying there wasn’t time for what I consider the two most essential manicure steps!  So to save you some frustration, I give you my top four reasons why manicures face an untimely death. (more…)

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Nail It!: Four French Manicure Don’ts

short-french-manicureTruth: In general, I consider French manicures to be Don’ts.  Mainly because I have extremely detached nail beds so even when my nails are short my tips are pretty thick.  A French mani just looks odd on me.   However in terms of the french manicured population-at-large, I detest the look because so many women get it wrong.

Ladies, it’s not completely your fault.  The majority of you go to a professional and they should know better.  What are you paying them for but to give their educated opinion?  After all, it is their work you’re wearing.  They should want you to receive compliments not judgmental stares.  Though the sad reality is that a lot of techs sport bad french manicures themselves.

In my perfect world there would be no French manicure but I’m not delusional.  Regardless of my protests they will continue to be a staple of nail fashion so this is my plea to you.  Tell your friends, your family, heck even your frenemies because they deserve nice nails too.  Tell them about my Four French Manicure Don’ts and help me end the tackiness that has put such a negative connotation on the look.


October 8, 2009 at 5:04 am 8 comments

Nail It!: Breaking Nail Color Stereotypes

nail-polish-bottlesOn a routine trip to my local drugstore, I picked up a new bottle of black nail polish that just HAD to come home with me.  As I was checking out, the clerk said to me, “Getting ready for Halloween?”  I realize I live in Middle America but surely black polish sans witch costume can’t be that radical a concept!  If only she had glanced at my green tips she would have figured out that I wasn’t playing dress-up, right?

Though even as recent as last fall I also gave in to preconceived notions about nail color.  During the season premiere of Gossip Girl I spied a set of vampy talons claw Nate Archibald’s chest and thought, “Rut-roh, what kind of vixen has Nate fallen prey to?!”  Without even a word or a glimpse of her face, I pre-judged another woman based on her nail polish.

I say it’s time we break these stereotypes and realize that nail color is an accessory, not a personality trait.  Rather than let our nails define us, we need define what they mean in how we incorporate polish into our overall style.

Let’s take a look at how the same nail color can take on completely opposite attitudes depending on the ensemble. (more…)

October 1, 2009 at 9:30 am 2 comments

The Fairest sale: butter LONDON

butter-londonMy love affair with butter LONDON began in the crowded SeaTac airport.  A bottle of Thames (a stunning blue-green) called to me as I rushed past their Concourse C salon.  I did an immediate about-face to investigate this new-to-me brand.  Two years later my butter LONDON arsenal has grown in size due to their superb 3Free formula, unique fashion forward color range and cheeky British product names.  I get a kick out telling someone I’m wearing Frilly Knickers, Snog or The Full Monty on my nails.

Each season Creative Director Nonie Creme creates a palette of on trend colors based on her behind the scenes work at Fashion Week and other editorial shoots.  There is always something for everyone in her colors choices from the most conservative nail wearer to the most outrageous (that’s me!).  Combine that with top of the line nail and skin care treatments and you have one spectacular brand.

Whether you’re just dipping your toe into the butter LONDON waters or you’re looking to expand your existing stash, you can’t go wrong with my personal favorites from the line:


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