Beauty Lessons from Lady Gaga

November 16, 2009 at 9:48 pm Leave a comment

I am indescribably obsessed with Lady Gaga‘s new video Bad Romance.  Suddenly, it’s all come home for me: the avant-garde getups, the over-the-top makeup, the absurd hair…the eureka! light has flashed on!  Like Madonna before her, LG is proof positive that you can work any beauty look–no matter how ridiculous–if you simply own it.  (And, yeah…Gaga’s beauty choices are definitely ridiculous.  No getting around that.)  She’s not traditionally pretty, but there’s something really beautiful about the way she blazes her own trail, and worries not what anybody else thinks.

So, hot pink eyeshadow and cotton-candy colored locks probably won’t work for you, but why not channel Gaga’s insouciance next time you feel like sporting something that normally would give you pause?  (Think pastel nails, an asymmetrical bob, or look-at-me! lipstick.)  Just as we now wear white after Labor Day and pair red wine with fish, there’s no reason you can’t go simultaneously bold on the eyes and the lips…or wear dark nails to your office…or apply false eyelashes for a fluttery boost on the weekend.

It’s just beauty!  Have fun with it!

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