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The Fairest Interview: Jemma Kidd

Beauty mogul Jemma Kidd wears many hats: she’s a celebrity makeup artist, author of Jemma Kidd Makeup Master Class, creator of 3 cosmetics lines (Jemma Kidd Makeup School, professional line Jemma Kidd Makeup School Pro, and JK Jemma Kidd for Target), founder of the Jemma Kidd Makeup Academy in London, soon-to-be ‘yummy mummy’, and also happens to be Countess of Mornington and the future Duchess of Wellington.

I find Jemma hugely inspiring, so in advance of Jemma Kidd Makeup School going on sale at The Fairest tomorrow, we chatted about her business, beauty tips, and the difference between English and American women.

Q: You have three extremely successful cosmetics lines, run a makeup school in London, and have just published a beauty guide, so you’re obviously a cosmetics expert. Did you always dream of becoming an entrepreneur, or is it something that you fell into?

A: I have always loved make-up and, starting my career as a model, I was always more interested in what the make-up artists were applying backstage than what was happening on the catwalk. (more…)

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On Sale at The Fairest

Three niche, but much-beloved, lines are currently on sale at our big sister The Fairest.  Check them out before they’re gone!

Cake Beauty:  Shower gel, and hand cream, and body mousse–oh, my!  Cake Beauty gives new meaning to the phrase “good enough to eat.”  If you like your body products decadent and delicious, you’ll love.  Check out their paraben-free Satin Sugar Hair and Body Powder ($12.60), which smells like (you guessed it) sugar, and sops up oil to keep you fresh and sweet.

butter LONDON nail polish:  butter’s polishes are tops with nail aficionados, thanks to innovative colors and formulas that are non-toxic and free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP.  (Bad stuff.  Very baaad!)  The Perfect Party Duo gives you two gorgeous colors in one set: Big Smoke, for a dark, of-the-moment shade, and Hen Party, a classic, muted pink ($12).

mojo cosmetics:  Selling out fast, this is an up-and-coming makeup line featuring brilliant lipsticks, concealers, nail polishes and shimmer highlighters.  All of the colors are intensely pigmented, and the packaging, seriously, is awesome.  If you’re not yet familiar with mojo, take a peek and see it for yourself.  Personally, I’ve been having a red moment (my lips, my nails, my clothes–everything!), so I can’t stop staring at the Titan Lipstick Bullet in Conviction ($9).  Want.

Davies Gate: When I worked at Lucky, this was one of the favorite lines in the beauty department.  I’ve never figured out why it’s not more popular and well-known, since the products are of the highest quality, everything is indescribably yummy, and the body lotions, bath salts, and butters are simultaneously glamorous, youthful, and sophisticated.  My pick?  The Garden Made Walnut Scrub ($9.50).

Juara:  Juara’s products, inspired by Balinese treatments and ingredients, make me want to give it all up, hop on the next flight to Indonesia, and live in the jungle (the woods?  The forest? On the beach?  I don’t even know!  I must fly over there and learn immediately!), communing with nature while still being totally glamorous.  Cannot…get…enough…Juara.  Check out the Coffee and Cream Set ($54).

Peacekeeper:  Truly cause-based cosmetics, this entire line is full of the highest-quality ingredients, loaded with organics, never tests on animals, and contributes a portion of proceeds to charity.  You’ll love this set featuring Eco-Easy Nail Polish Remover and 2 bestselling streak-free, bad-stuff-free polishes in Paint Me Tranquil and Paint Me Stunning ($13).

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The Indian Gooseberry oil does Cabo San Lucas

So what’s a girl to do? I have two kids and a villa full of people who seem to want me every five minutes…not enough time for doing great hair, yet at the beach club one must look decent while mingling with all the “fabulous” people!

Here was my day with my fave creation: Indian Gooseberry treatment oil.

Had roughly ten minutes to get showered and down to the car this morning, so washed hair, put oil in, blew out bangs and framed my face, then put my hair in a cute side pony and left.  Surprisingly, looked good.

Was trying to get to gym before anyone noticed (so my hair would stay decent), but everyone disappeared on me and I had no choice.  Had kiddie duty in the pool and promptly got soaked by splashing kids!   By the time I was rescued, it was too late.  I rushed off to the gym, looked in the mirror…and it wasn’t pretty.  So, I put oil in my hair, twisted it into a clip and got on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

After I finished working out, I changed back into my bikini, undid my hair, and it looked wavy and beachy–not bad–so I put more oil into the ends and voila!!!  Gisele hair!!  I re-entered the “zone” of beach beauties (a necessary place for a hairstylist and “expert”!)…what a relief.

So far my oil has rescued me twice and it’s only noon….did I mention that my hair smells divine??  (Okay, I’m obviously biased!)

I am anticipating a great vacation with my secret weapon, and am considering leaving it poolside for everyone to use!
xo, Amanda

Amanda George is co-owner of Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills

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American Music Awards’ Beauty Looks

Like the MTV VMA‘s, the American Music Awards are feister and flashier than their more staid cousin, the Grammy Awards. That’s why we were surprised by the mostly safe hair and makeup (not to mention clothing) choices at last night’s show. With a few notable exceptions (is Rihanna auditioning for a Blade Runner sequel? And how many sticks of eyeliner and cans of hairspray had to die for Adam Lambert?), we were underwhelmed. Hey, you’ve seen one red carpet (or five hundred), you’ve seen ’em all! Regardless, here are the looks–some pretty, some pretty crazy–that turned our heads:

Kristen Bell


Adam Lambert


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Makeup For Everyone!

Ever since the news that beloved Estee Lauder brand Prescriptives will be closing forever, women with darker skin tones have been quietly freaking out.

Where will I find the perfect foundation to match my skin tone now?“, many of my readers wondered aloud.
Well I’m here to let you know — the days of black skin finding limited matches in the drugstore or department stores are SO over. Sure, there are some brands that still stubbornly offer six shades of foundation, but there are others who go above and beyond to satisfy consumers of all skin tones. Here are some of my favorites.

November 23, 2009 at 5:00 am 2 comments

The World of YouTube Beauty Videos

Are you a beauty junkie?  (Um, is the sky blue?)  There’s an entire world on YouTube of glamour goddesses who create daily hair and makeup tutorial videos for people like us…and watching them all in rapid succession has quickly become one of my biggest guilty pleasures.  The sheer volume of insider tricks out there boggles the mind!  Gurus like Michelle Phan, All That Glitters 21, Makeup Geek TV, Juicy Star 07, Lollipop 26 and Panacea 81 (otherwise known as newbie cosmetics sensation Lauren Luke) video from their bedrooms, offering a refreshing real-gal spin on how to use products to look gorgeous.  (I have my own YouTube channel, at Jolie NYC, but my hand-held camera and “Eh, who really cares?” background are of the indie variety, while the above videos resemble Oscar-caliber productions.)

I’ve included a Michelle Phan video above–hers are my personal favorite–on how to salvage the last bits of your lipgloss from the tube.  Enjoy…and I dare you not to become addicted yourself!

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National Directory: Sanctuary Day Spa – San Fransisco Bay Club…

Next time you are in San Fransisco, make sure you do some sight seeing, have some Ghiradelli chocolate and visit the Sanctuary Spa at the San Fransisco Bay Club.  This is a lovely retreat that is also a parent’s dream.  Not only do they have a state of the art workout facility and full service spa, there is also a children center/daycare facility. It  provides a fun, safe and welcoming play space for all children ages 6 weeks through 4 years.

The spa has a Zen like feel, also, unlike most spas, there is an androgynous feel to the decor, allowing men and women alike to feel comfortable in the tranquil atmosphere. The spa has been open for 17 years, and has an average 9 year wait list for employment. Most employees have been with Sanctuary for 7 years and ablogre required to continue their education monthly. Everything used in the over 10 facial treatments offered is clinical strength Epicuren, and executed with Silhouet-tone equipment. Sumptuous down comforters invite you to relax and be pampered.  Each treatment is specialized especially for each client, and you are offered a free consultation prior to your session.

What To Get: Silk Peel, Divine Intervention Sircuit® Facial, Western Ways Swedish Massage, Athlete’s Repair Pedicure

Sanctuary Day Spa  is located in the San Fransisco Bay Club
150 Greenwich St
San Francisco, CA 94111
Call (415) 433-2200 to book an appointment

Lianne Farbes writes The Makeup Girl.

November 19, 2009 at 5:37 am 2 comments

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