Nail It!: Why Your Polish Doesn’t Last

October 29, 2009 at 11:41 am 3 comments


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If there’s one rule when it comes to a successful manicure, it’s this: there are no short cuts!  In this day and age, you’d think manicure basics would be common knowledge, yet I still hear complaints on a daily basis about how poorly a polish wears.  In fact, a recent Twitter search for the term “nail polish” showed the majority of tweets are to complain about chipping.

Inquiries about the type of base and top coats used were met with responses saying there wasn’t time for what I consider the two most essential manicure steps!  So to save you some frustration, I give you my top four reasons why manicures face an untimely death.

No base and top coat. Skipping base and top coat is like wearing foundation without primer and powder then wondering why your makeup melted down your face.  Base coat helps the polish grip to your nail.  Top coat seals and protects.  Refresh your top coat every other day for added protection.

Oils on the nail plate. Moisturizing polish removers, hand lotions and cuticle treatments all leave oils on your nail surface, not to mention the natural oils from your own body.  Oil causes polish to lift.  Cleanse the nail bed with a nail prep product or household white vinegar.

Applying thick coats of polish. It may be easier to just slap on a thick coat of polish and call it a day but doing so affects the dry-time and makes your lacquer more prone to chips.  Apply thin coats even if that means a shade requires three layers to achieve opacity.  The first coat just provides coverage while the second evens out bald spots.

Polishing the nail bed only.  Aside from chipping, extreme tip wear is the first sign of poor application.  Swiping the free edge and slightly underneath the nail with base, polish and top coat will make a world of difference in your manicure’s longevity.

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