Beauty…Hollywood Style: Learning to Relax

October 15, 2009 at 6:00 am Leave a comment

massageI’ve spent most of my life being told that I need to relax.  Now that I’ve been an LA resident for a little over a month now, I’m realizing that, for the first time in my life, I am relaxed.  Well, almost.

It must be something about the weather here that just makes people happier than they are in New York.  I mean, waking up to yet another morning with the sun shining into my apartment certainly makes getting up and getting ready for work a little more tolerable…not to mention that every day here is warm and sunny so I know that I’m ultimately going to have a good hair day!  I used to joke that my most miserable days in NYC were days when it would rain–and this summer, it rained QUITE often, to say the least.  (Rainy days = a not-happy Jamie.)

The first proactive step in my new California relaxation quest?  A Swedish massage.

I visited Allure Pilates Spa in Beverly Hills where I was treated to a much-needed pampering session.  This particular spa offers not only the typical facials, massages, peels, etc. but also pilates sessions, so it’s really a one-stop-shop for body-health, face-health and relaxation.  After chatting with my masseuse, we decided that since my ultimate goal was to destress, I would try out the Soothing Swedish Massage which promises a classic massage with long, soothing strokes and light to medium pressure specifically designed to promote relaxation and stimulate circulation.

Once I stopped running my “to-do” list in my head, I actually did really relax (baby steps, my friends, baby steps) and I realized that I’m the only one that can decide whether or not I’m stressed out or not.  I let my mind drift off a bit and stopped thinking about the 4,000 errands I was supposed to do that day and, once I did that, my body unclenched and I felt a calming sense of peace.  I’m on my way to living the SoCal stress-free life!

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